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4 Star Hotel

Are you looking for 4 star hotel wedding venues in or near Glasgow?

4 star hotels are in many ways the bread and butter of the wedding venue market. They often provide a quality and level of facilities that some 3 star venues find hard to match and often have an added sense of grandeur or luxury.

4 star hotel wedding venues in Glasgow

Sherbrooke Castle Hotel

To gain 5 star status is very difficult and largely depends upon the facilities offered such as indoor pool, gym sauna etc. For your wedding celebrations such facilities may be an irrelevance and thus a 5 star venue may actually not be worth considering, especially for the added expense it would probably generate.

Indeed the standard of service offered in many 4 star establishmnts would be hard to match by any 5 star venue.


Listed below are some of the 4 star wedding venues in and near Glasgow that you might like to consider.


Some of Our Listed 4 Star Hotel Wedding Venues in Glasgow


Macdonald Inchyra Hotel & Spa

Brig O’ Doon House Hotel

Number 10 Hotel

Shieldhill Castle

Sherbrooke Castle Hotel

Malmaison Hotel, Glasgow

Carnbooth House Hotel


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